• Low Risk WPP Sourcing

    We manage the risks of global sourcing for you.

  • Domestic and Global Supply

    Meet your packaging goals
    with a blended supply program

Domestic Supply

For when business demands short lead times

Commercial Packaging partners with a leading United States packaging manufacturer to provide a domestic supply option.  Our knowledge of the market and new technology, combined with their technical expertise, brings a deep understanding of each step involved in the manufacturing of Woven Polypropylene bags.  If shorter lead-times and American supply at competitive pricing are important to you, contact us today.

International Supply

Low-risk, High quality Woven Polypropylene Bags

Commercial Packaging provides high quality WPP bags at a low cost.  Our experience and partnership with a global supply chain consultant reduces the risks generally associated with global sourcing..  Commercial Packaging has a full-time presence in each of our global manufacturing facilities to ensure a quality product every time.