Flexible Packaging

Popular for its versatility, durability, and superior graphics, flexible packaging is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for a wide variety of product types.

The proof is in the pouch

Flexible packaging is on the forefront of today’s technology and innovation. Commercial Packaging offers unique product customization
to ensure the best design, performance, product protection, consumer convenience, and sustainability.

Commercial Packaging has partnered with the leading innovators in flexible packaging to provide customers with the most current applications and highest quality products.

Pet Foods
Cleaning Products
COMMERCIAL PACKAGING is your customized global packaging solution. Headquartered in the United States, with manufacturing alliances in every major market, Commercial Packaging assures the most responsive service and quality products available. We are more than a supplier; we are a customized packaging service that takes your packaging from concept to consumer. We have perfected the packaging process and act as your safety net in managing the challenges of a global supply chain. Let us manage your packaging, so you can manage your business.

Benefits to Flexible

  • Light-weight and easy to open, carry, and store. Reseal extends the shelf life
    of many products, especially food, and has a positive sustainability profile.
  • Requires less energy to manufacture and to transport, and generates smaller quantities of greenhouse
    gases on its way to market.
  • Ultimately results in less consumer waste being sent to landfills.
  • Innovative
  • Widely extendible into diverse product categories.
  • Maintains and indicates freshness
  • Offers consumer conveniences
  • Provides reclosure and dispensing options
  • Is easily transported and stored
  • Improved shelf appeal
  • Enables visibility of contents
  • Provides efficient product to package ratios
Stand Up Pouch
  • EZ-Open pull tab
  • Press to Close Zipper
  • EASY-LOCK by Aplix (Hook and Loop Closures)
  • PRESS-LOK by Velcro Brand (Hook to Hook Closures)
  • Slider Closure
  • Laser Scoring & Micro Perforations
  • Die Cut Handles
  • Shaped Pouches
  • One-way Valve
  • Spouts & Fitments
  • Custom Gussets and Seals
  • Higher Barrier Films
  • Matte Films or Registered Matte Varnishes
Box Pouch
  • EZ-Open pull tab
  • Press to Close Zipper
  • EASY-LOCK by Aplix (Hook and Loop)
  • PRESS-LOK by Velcro Brand (Hook to Hook)
  • Slider Closure
  • Laser Scoring & Micro-Perforations
  • Dual Webs
  • High Barrier Films
  • Matte Films or Registered Matte Varnishes
Quad Seal
  • Press to Close Zipper
  • Slider Closure
  • Inno-Lok Zipper
  • Foldover & Glued Bottom
  • Laser Scoring & Micro Perforations
  • High Barrier Films
  • Matte Films or Registered Matte Varnishes

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